Academic Institution Partnership

Academic Institution Partnership

EduCARE India has been continuously developing and creating academic institution partnership (s) with International and Indian universities for more than one decade.  We continuously work to create institutional networks to provide academic fieldwork and research possibilities through internships and study trips for bachelor, and master degree students.

We as an NGO are interested in to further expand two forms of possible partner-ships and collaborations with academic institutions from within India as well as from foreign countries:

1) Collaboration for a specific community based research and development project

2) Independent internships for students undertaking undergraduate / graduate studies of select subject areas who are motivated to work-learn and contribute to our rural community based/engaged sustainable development projects by participating in our:

a) Academic Fieldwork Internship Program (supervised / guided and independent work)
b) Academic Research Internship Program (in lab conditions under supervision of a qualified researcher)
c) Academic Fieldwork and Research Internship Program (supervised / guided and independent work)

We have already hosted hundreds of university students independently or through other placement / student mobility services companies since 2005. We have coordinated and implemented several small scale projects in pursuit of developing scalable and replicable solutions to address critical problems in gender issues, healthcare, rural economy, poverty, hunger, informal education, water sanitation, waste management, energy, healthcare, agriculture and biodiversity etc in rural India in support of global partnerships for sustainable development through grass-root level community action.

Having seen the great potential of university students to contribute to cross-cultural sustainable development work and creating global perspectives / global citizenship among the local populations and themselves as future leaders, we have decided to further enhance such participation potential.

Academic institutions and universities can play an important role in increasing the dissemination and impact of new knowledge, methodologies, theories and applications that are shown by NGO-Academic Institutions / University cooperation to be relevant in the field. Proper exploiting of this opportunity would positively feedback in the non-profit NGO / development sector and education systems for young professionals of the future.


Towards this end, we have recently formalised our Academic Institution Partnership Program (AIPP) to bolster collaborations with local and international universities, schools, departments and other academic institutions.

The objectives of this initiative are to:

1. Develop on-going collaboration between EduCARE India and its affiliate program organisations engaged in grass-root level community and sustainable development work in India to promote synergies between our community work and the related academic institutions;
2. Coordinate and follow-up on existing institutional partnerships as priority partners; Further develop these existing collaborations through continuing improvement in learning outcomes of participating students’ in our internship programs by maintaining regular communications and feedback system with their faculty / departments;
3. Support new academic institutions who wish to partner and develop new forms of collaboration with us;
4. Propose collaboration projects and partnership agreements to new academic institutions or their representing student mobility services companies to establish an affiliation with us to provide quality experiential learning opportunities to their students to participate in certain educational experiences offered through our internship program in our NGO in India;
5. Oversee and increase the number of internships and trainee-ships proposed to the university students;
6. Maintain a regularly updated collaboration registry and disseminate information.

In case of further interest,
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