Strategic Focus and Approach

Strategic Work Focus

Our strategic work focus is to create innovative programs and projects to support local communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods and sustainable development at grass-root level in alignment with the SDGs.

Our current programs / initiatives include:

ViKAAS Dev SEVA Centres initiative

  1. Girls and Women’s Empowerment Program
  2. Rural Healthcare Program
  3. Rural Economy, Micro-finance and Social Entrepreneurship program
  4. Education and Skills Development program
  5. Ecology, Environment, and Conservation
Strategic Work Approach

Our work approach and strategy include the following:

1. Work in a lateral team-groups environment with a sense of collaborative ownership
2. Create opportunities for interested aspiring young leaders and women to develop global perspectives, explore their own potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute to community based sustainable development initiatives
3. Leverage and utilise the potential of social entrepreneurship and volunteer action through young people and women in leadership.


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